This website has been built by David Vidgen Ltd, an inbound marketing agency in Birmingham. They work with small businesses over the UK to increase their visible online presence and website profitability. They have particular expertise in the construction, health & Beauty, and pet care sectors.

Daivd Vidgen Ltd services include:

  • Functional website designs that are mobile and tablet friendly
  • Advanced Google Adwords campaigns
  • Conversion rate optimisation and user experience (UX) research and testing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Product photography
  • Copywriting

They are not your normal marketing agency, in that they have considerable expertise in conversation rate optimisation. This may not be a term that you are familiar, but it involves scientifically optimising websites to improve conversion rates, lead generation and ultimately new customers. They use some of the most sophisticated software on the market, including heat map generation, visitor video session recordings, Google analytics and Google webmaster tools. Imagine being able to look over the shoulders of your website visitors; learn how your visitors navigate around your website, which links they click, which images they try to enlarge, how they scroll, which text they read, and which call to action sections are most productive. The software packages we use can tell you exactly this, and it allows us to make important modifications to your website that are data driven and will aid leads and conversions.

We also have feedback systems that enable us to determine which sections of your website your visitors found most persuasive, which competitors (if any) they also considered and if they found anything frustrating or challenging on your website. This kind of data is very important if you are to drive your online business forward and be smarter than your competitors.

You can find more about David Vidgen Ltd, by searching online for ‘David Vidgen Ltd’.